Oesterlen's Residential Mental Health Intensive Treatment Brooker Complex and Community Counseling Center is designed to serve youth and their families in the most modern and functional facility of its kind in Ohio.

Constructed in two phases at a total cost exceeding $3.9 million, Phase One in 2006 and expanded with Phase Two in 2010, the complex is built to serve the most severely emotionally troubled children in our communities who need a very highly structured and secure environment in which to thrive during a course of intensive residential mental health therapy.

Program Facilities

The following program facilities are available to clients, all under one roof, within a secure gated complex:

  • 30 individual private bedrooms to serve severely troubled clients needing long-term residential care
  • High ceilings with skylights to promote senses of bright, natural light and spaciousness
  • Single-commode, single-shower bathrooms with advanced safety and security fixtures
  • Group living and dining areas
  • Recreation and hobby rooms within living space areas
  • Conference, visitation, and chapel areas
  • Staff offices located within living areas
  • Floor plan contours featuring open sight lines to enhance staff supervision of clients at all times
  • Continuously recorded audio and video surveillance, providing for resident and staff security
  • New construction (23,300 sq. ft.) adjoins the George Stevens Center (38,000 sq. ft.), which has been fully remodeled and updated
  • The Stevens Center includes school classrooms, an art studio classroom, offices, large recreation areas, a full-size gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, an auditorium, a staff training and continuing education center, a chapel, and the Community Counseling Center
  • Entire complex, with approximately 10 acres of outdoor space in addition to the buildings is fulling enclosed and secured with controlled entry and exit points

Oesterlen's intensive treatment complex promotes creativity and flexibility by offering open, adaptable program spaces. Depending upon the mix and issues of residents at any given time, staff can plan and supervise a variety of activities, whether individually-oriented or group-oriented. The spacious open settings with unobstructed views lend themselves to supervising multiple activities at once.

The Life Skills Center

The Oesterlen Life Skills Center was opened in October 2014.  The Center currently consists of a fully equipped woodworking shop, a greenhouse, a print shop and a wood shop.  

Oesterlen Residential Program clients spend half of their school day in an academic classroom and the other half in the Life Skills Center.  Additionally, therapy sessions utilize the hands-on kinetic activities opportunities of the Life Skills Center to provide a rich, stimulating therapeutic environment.

Plant Sale Friday, May 6, 2016, from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. thousands of plants and starts will be for sale. Come to Oesterlen and pick up your spring plants! They are being tended and nourished by youth that are developing a love for gardening. 



The high level of security built into the entire complex, with its advanced audio and video systems, electronic locks, and high fence, enables Oesterlen to serve very challenging clients while minimizing disruptions such as runaways, and promoting more focus on the therapeutic programs.

Additional benefits of the recording system include the ability to review difficult situations and to create a resource for staff training and performance improvement.

Oesterlen's complex includes its on-grounds school, recreation areas, and therapist and administrative offices, all within the complex. Hence, a client may be within the general living area, attend school, participate in recreational activities, or attend a conference with a therapist, all while remaining within the secure area. Family visits and case worker visits are scheduled within the area as well.

The secure, enclosed outdoor area features a paved basketball court, several grassy activity areas, and more quiet areas situated within a rolling terrain, areas which lend themselves to either energetic or more reflective activity, as therapists and staff may choose.