Wish List

Please do not wrap items. Please forward all contributions to:

Attn:Pastor Bonny Kinnunen                                                                   Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc.                                                                   1918 Mechanicsburg Road                                                                     Springfield, OH 45503

If you have any questions, please call Oesterlen at 937-399-6101 or 1-800-404-KIDS, ext. 114, or email Pastor Bonny Kinnunen at bkinnunen@oesterlen.org. Thank you for your gifts.

For Oesterlen clients ages 3-18, Male and Female (preferred items are in bold):

  • Sports Items: basketballs, footballs, playground balls, volleyballs, and air pumps for balls
  • Toiletries: combs, brushes, soap dishes, stick deodorant (the boys prefer Axe and the girls prefer Dove), soaps/shampoos/conditioners (hotel or personal size), hair care products made specifically for African American hair, body lotions
  • Bath Towels and Wash Cloths
  • Games/Toys: decks of playing cards, coloring books, card games (like Uno or Skip-Bo), assorted board games, word search/activity books, paint-by-number sets, corn hole toss game, small grab bag toys (like balls, plastic animals, yo-yos, small games), small stuffed animals (used as security objects during therapy); match box type cars, Legos (or similar building kits), chess sets
  • School Supplies: pens, pencils (#2 U.S. Made, without metal tops), lined notebook paper, pocket folders, single subject lined notebooks (without metal spiral binding), glue sticks, 2017 pocket calendars
  • Art Supplies: construction paper, sketch pads, drawing paper, craft kits, poster board, permanent markers, non-permanent markers, colored pencils, acrylic/watercolor/fabric/glitter paint, Elmer's Tack Adhesive Putty, white school glue, assorted buttons/feathers/sequins/glitter, model car kits, stencils, journals/diaries, stickers
  • Clothing: boxers (size 28-44), sweatpants (S-XL, medium is needed most often) t-shirts, sweatshirts (M-5XL, non-shrinking, without writing or emblems), socks (white, no show)
  • Bags of "penny candy" (no gum please)
  • Restaurant Gift Cards: $5, $10, $20 for McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Donato's Pizza (for reward parties)  (gift cards for sit-down restaurants are used for teaching proper public behaviors)
  • Other Gift Cards: WalMart, Meijer, or Hobby Lobby

Box Tops for Education

Oesterlen participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education Program. Simply collect the box tops and mail them into Oesterlen at 1918 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield, OH 45503 or drop them off at the Development Office in the Administration Building on Oesterlen's campus. Please note your name and/or association that is sending these items. Box tops, even though small, really do add up!