Make a Donation

Gift support from friends and donors are crucial to the therapeutic programs of Oesterlen Services for Youth. Oesterlen is a non-profit corporation recognized under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Oesterlen offers a variety of ways to make a gift:

  1. Donate online using our secure donation button.
  2. Direct Your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Oesterlen, If you are elgible for Choice Dollars, the deadline is March 31st each year to direct them to an enrolled nonprofit or church of your choice.  To see if you are eligible and have Choice Dollars available to direct, log in to or call 800-847- 4836 and say "Thivent Choice" at the prompt. You'll be connected with a customer care professional who can help.
  3. Thrivent Action Teams, Members of Thrivent and Associate Members may apply each year for up to two $250.00 grants to do something that brings people together and does something good.  Any individual can become an associate member for a $25.00 annual fee. Associate members may request Thrivent Action Team events 1 time a year.  Thrivent members may ask for up to two events a year.  Go on line to: Teams or call 800-847-4836.
  4. Link Your AmazonSmile account to Oesterlen Services For Youth, Inc.  After each purchase made through AmazonSmile .5% of your purchase will be directed to Oesterlen. There is no extra cost to the purchaser, AmazonSmile simply supports the charity of your choice. 
  5. Make a deferred gift or a planned gift. Gift annuities, which pay to the donor a fixed rate of income for one or two lives, are our most popular instrument used for this purpose. You may also arrange a deferred payment gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust. Deferred gifts benefitting Oesterlen are arranged through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation, or other company or foundation chosen by the donor. Please contact Pastor Bonny Kinnunen at 937-398-0214 or email: for further information.
  6. Name Oesterlen as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, or as a residual beneficiary of a personal retirement plan.
  7. Include Oesterlen in your will or other estate plans.