Clark, Greene, Madison Counties Respite and Resource Center

A collaborative program operated by multiple agencies in the three counties to provide an emergency short-term drop off center, for stays up to two weeks, for youth and young adults where a crisis exists in the home. Temporary respite is necessary to evaluate the situation and to help determine more permanent solutions for the youth.


    The Clark Greene Madison Respite and Resource Center (R&R Center) serves youth in crisis and families in need of youth respite. It is a service offered to provide emergency housing for children who have physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, behavioral or mental health challenges or involvement with the juvenile justice system.

    The R&R Center provides a safe and nurturing but temporary living environment. The R&R Center provides a timely referral to each county's service coordination providers and is available to provide additional services to families as needed.

    Care is provided for a few hours or days at a time. Crisis and short term respite services can extend to fourteen days.

    The R&R Center is available 24 hours a day and is staffed by knowledgeable, well-trained staff.

    Service Coordination

    When a youth utilizes the R&R Center, a referral will be made for service coordination. This is a strengths-based planning process for identifying needed services and desired results. Each county has their own Service Coordination process which will be utilized with each youth admitted.

    As part of this process, families may be given referrals for appropriate services that might enhance the stability of the family.

    For a youth to continue utilizing the R&R Center, the family needs to be engaged in Service Coordination.


    The goal of the R&R Center is to reduce any potential risk of harm and help the family safely remain together.


    The CGM Respite and Resource Center is staffed with a live-in couple and additional staff who are carefully selected for their therapeutic skill.

    Staff affiliated with the Shannon House, a well-established provider in Springfield of respite services for developmentally disabled consumers, will provide substantial coaching and support services to the Respite Center as well as to families.

    Agency Credentials

    The CGM Respite and Resource Center is operated by Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc. with administrative guidance provided by a Consortium of Agencies representing the three counties.

    This Consortium consists of these agencies:

    • Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties
    • Each county's Family and Children First Council
    • Each county's Board of Developmental Disabilities
    • Each county's Department of Job and Family Services
    • Each county's Juvenile Court

    Referral Information

    Referrals to this program can be made through a county agency:

    Clark County

    Kim Markham
    (937) 269-5603

    Greene County
    Melissa Baughn
    (937) 562-5607

    Madison County
    Lori Thomas
    (740) 852-6342