Intensive Home-Based Therapy

The Intensive Home-Based Treatment (IHBT) program provides in-home therapy services to strengthen families so that youth can be safely and heathfully maintained in their own homes.


    Oesterlen's Home-Based Therapists use a supportive approach to partner with families and help parents improve the functioning of their families.

    This evidence-based approach to family therapy has been shown to be highly effective in helping families improve youth behaviors, including compliance with family and community expectations, maintenance of a safe and drug-free lifestyle, improving school success, and increasing youth and parent emotional health, communication, and hopefulness.

    IHBT gets its well-documented success by engaging families in an intensive but time-limited home-based therapy process.

    Referral Information

    Referrals to this program can be made through a county agency:

    Kim Markham
    (937) 269-5603