Treatment Foster Care

The goal of Treatment Foster Care is to provide a safe, structured environment for children of all ages and/or disability with trauma informed intervention.


    Oesterlen’s Specialized Treatment Foster Care Program recruits treatment level foster care providers in the local community and surrounding areas who are then trained to provide safe, supportive home placements for youth with significant mental, emotional, and behavioral treatment needs.

    Our Treatment Foster Caregivers work in close coordination with our Foster Care Case Management and Outclient Counseling staff to provide a safe, structured, and healing environment for foster care youth.

    Oesterlen’s Treatment Team of Case Managers and Counselors is on call 24/7 to help foster caregivers deal with problems, create new interventions, access needed resources, and brainstorm creative solutions. Oesterlen staff conduct regular Independent Living Skills classes, Lifebook classes, and lead other group activities for youth and families throughout the year.

    Our Treatment Foster Caregivers receive a minimum of 30 hours of ongoing training annually to support them in meeting their foster children’s needs with resourceful assistance. Our Foster Caregivers are trained to play an active role in providing therapeutic interventions for foster care youth placed in their home.

    Working with Reunification Plans

    Oesterlen’s Specialized Treatment Foster Care Program works closely with referring Children Services Agencies and Juvenile Courts to develop reunification plans when reunification is the referring agency’s goal. Oesterlen’s Foster Caregivers receive extensive training in working with birth families and the program is committed to supporting reunification for all foster children for whom their custodial agencies define reunification as being in the children’s best interest. Oesterlen’s Foster Care Case Managers and Outclient Counselors work with Foster Caregivers to provide a seamless system of supports for foster children and their birth families when working a reunification plan.

    Agency Credentials

    Oesterlen is licensed and/or certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

    Oesterlen is a full member of the Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies and Lutheran Services in America. Oesterlen is affiliated with the Northeastern, Northwestern, and Southern Ohio Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

    Oesterlen is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and is a contract agency of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark County.

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