Treatment Programs

Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc. is committed to serving children and families in need.

Oesterlen is prepared to help address the changing needs of children and adolescents statewide. We serve children and adolescents regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap (unless specific treatment programming is required).


Residential Intensive Therapy
Severely emotionally troubled youth, ages 12-18, receiving intensive mental health therapy and living in 10-bedroom cottages on the Oesterlen campus, for stays of 6 to 12 months. Learn more »
Treatment Foster Care
Youth, ages birth to 18, occasionally older, needing out of home placement, and typically presenting with troubling behaviors requiring some level of therapeutic intervention. Learn more »
Family and Adolescent Complex Comprehensive Treatment
State of the art Residential Respite program that combines a sensory controlled environment with comprehensive care. Learn more »
Community Counseling Center
Outpatient counseling center for youth and families, offering individual, group, and family behavioral health counseling, in multiple programs, on the Oesterlen campus and on-site in area schools. Learn more »
Intensive Home-Based Therapy
Home-based services providing intensive intervention into unacceptable behaviors of youth and families, which are necessary to prevent the possible imminent decision to remove a child from the home for out-of-home placement. Learn more »
Transitional Independent Living
Serves 17 and 18 year old youth transitioning from foster care or other placement programs to living independently as young adults. Learn more »
Wraparound Services
A strength-based model of in-home intervention services, planned by family members and case coordinators, to preserve an intact family when moderate issues of neglect or abuse have been discovered, which likely could result in removing the child from the home, if not resolved. Learn more »
Respite and Resource Center
A collaborative program operated by multiple agencies in the three counties to provide an emergency short-term drop off center, for stays up to two weeks, for youth and young adults where a crisis exists in the home, and temporary respite is necessary to evaluate the situation and to determine potentially more permanent solutions for stability in the home. Learn more »